Online Citations


Online Citations Services That Will Display Your Business Name Correctly So You Don’t Miss Out On New Customers.


Are your name, address, and phone number listed correctly on all web directories? Hard to tell, really, especially when one incorrect listing may have been duplicated 100 times already.


A minor discrepancy in a street address abbreviation or a typo in your phone number can drastically affect how your business is listed online. Additionally, if your website’s contact page does not have the correct map data, third-party directories may be automatically duplicating your listing with errors, over and over again.


At CP Marketing + Co., our online citations team members will manually adjust your listings across major web directories to correct any missing or incorrect information. We will add your information to new directories to help increase your brand presence and reach a new audience of online searchers.


Contact us today to make sure your customers aren’t reaching a phone number that’s been disconnected due to an error in your citations.