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Our Team

Cynthia Plunkett
- Founder

After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Journalism and Communications, with a concentration in Psychology, Cynthia Plunkett began her professional career in the internet marketing industry.

Since 2011, Cynthia has seen the worst kind of manipulation of search engine algorithms from only keyword-rich URLs ranking first, to spammy links affecting PageRank (RIP). Cynthia adapts her strategies to common online behaviors that search engines also follow. As more users rely on their mobile devices and attention span decreases, she knows the importance of delivering information quickly and conveniently.

At CP Marketing + Co., Cynthia leads a team of expert marketers who understand and practice agency-grade services, providing clients with professional and data-driven results.

Meet The Team

Allysen Kerr
- Branding
Melissa Neeley
- Content
Sam Gant
- Social Media
Taryn Daley
- Design + Photography
Tim Hickman
- Web Development
Lindsey Kay
- Account Manager
Brent Kraus
- Content
Ryan G
- Photography + Videography