Pay Per Click Advertising

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Pay Per Click Advertising That Helps You Reach Your Ideal Customer, Faster.

Using pay per click advertising is a quick and effective way to gain new leads to your website. By building an audience that meets your first and second-level demographics, your ads will only show up to the most qualified users. We manually adjust our campaigns instead of letting automated software set your budget, this way, we have full control of who will see your ads and how much money you spend per day.

At CP Marketing + Co., we will sit down with your team to discuss your interests, your needs, and your budget so every pay per click advertising campaign is in alignment with your business goals. With Google and Bing Ads certified specialists on our team, we strive for excellence and nothing short of it to ensure your campaigns are driving the results you need to make your business successful.


It’s time to turn off cruise control with your advertising budget. Contact our team so we can help you drive campaigns that are effective and profitable.


Step 1

Select Keywords and Search Terms

Step 2

Set Budget Targets

Step 3

Establish Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Ads

Step 4

Reporting Schedules and Reviews

We've never set up Google Ads before, will you do this for us?

Absolutely. Our team of Google Ads Certified experts will set up your account from the ground up.

How do we get charged for our ads?

You will receive two unique charges. One directly from Google Ads for your monthly ad spend and another charge for our management services.

What's the minimum monthly ad budget?

It’s been in our experience that a minimum ad spend is around $700.

What kind of reporting do you provide?

We will provide a monthly performance report with ongoing strategic recommendations to improve your ad’s performance.

Get qualified leads to your site with our Google Ads experts today.