Social Media


Social Media Connects Your Customers To A Virtual Replica Of Your Business.


Social media gives you a chance to engage with clients who are your biggest advocates. On the other hand, it’s also become a platform to correct an issue with an unhappy customer before it escalates to a viral post. At CP Marketing + Co. we can interact with new and current followers to keep them engaged with your brand.


social-media-phoneWhen we build a targeted audience for your social media pages, we’re using results-proven campaigns that will help increase conversations, instead of just posting content to an empty room.


From driving traffic to your event pages, website landing pages, or collecting leads, we’ll make sure your budget is being spent in the most efficient way possible.


Social media campaigns we are experts in:

  • Brand awareness and growth
  • Conversion
  • Webinar and event attendance
  • Specials and giveaways
  • And more!


If your business is lacking the social media presence to attract new foot traffic or you don’t have time to engage with your current followers, contact us today!