How to Attract Local Clients to Your Business

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In this workshop, you will learn how to become a locally recognized brand and how to capture more visitors who are searching on their devices nearby. Timestamps summary is below!

Cynthia will share juicy market research on mobile users, they’re behaviors and intent when they are searching online, and trends that you should be aware of as a local business owner.

When you leave this workshop you will take away the following:

  • A better understanding of why Google ranks local businesses over others
  • Tactics to improve your Google My Business listing
  • How to strategically gain new Reviews for your business
  • How Local PR signals affect your business’s presence and how to get more of them
  • Which questions to ask yourself as a DIY marketer or when you’re ready to hire an agency
  • Bring something to take down notes because there will be A LOT of valuable information shared.

Timestamp highlights you can jump to:

  • 1:34 Local Landscape – Search trends for you to be knowledgeable of the industry
  • 4:25 Local SERPs Examples (Desktop and Mobile) – Understanding what Google is displaying today for various industries
  • 8:41 Core Building Blocks – 5 key elements you need to focus on local optimization, the outline of the presentation
  • 10:40 Getting Started – We begin with auditing keyword examples
  • 15:20 Citations – Learn the definition, see examples
  • 18:35 Google My Business (GMB)
  • 21:05 Steps to Set Up your GMB
  • 21:51 Completing Your GMB Profile – Why it’s important to fill this out
  • 26:42 Ongoing Management for GMB – What you can do today
  • 31:49 GMB Backend – Analytics view of photos
  • 35:01 SPGB Q
  • 38:21 Reviews Management – Best practices
  • 41:00 QR Code Cards for Reviews – A managed service we offer for you
  • 41:55 Local Link Building – What local businesses can do to get local links
  • 46:44 Local SEO Content – On page optimization overview
  • 51:19 Summary of Core Building Blocks

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